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Russian Association of Business Education

Russian Association of Business Education


  • The initiator of the governmental acknowledgement of the MBA programme;
  • The publisher of the analytical magazine “Business Education”;
  • Participant of the various projects such as NFPK, ETF, efmd, TACIS, CEEMAN, Presidential programme of the managerial training;
  • RABE has an electronic data base which contains the information about the members of the RABE;
  • It also makes the accreditation of the educational institutions.


The Open University


The Open University was founded thirty years ago. Since than it became the world leader in distance training. Now it has an aim to take the leading role in spreading the higher and postgraduate education in Great Britain as well as in the whole world – from the USA to Singapore. There are 400 educational centers who use the programmes of the Open University. There are more than 150 thousand students in these centers.

The Open University Business School

The Open University Business School is one of the seventeen departments of the Open University. It was founded in 1983 with the purpose of providing an elite education to the managers and administration workers, people with no opportunity of receiving a standard education without leaving their jobs. Nowadays the Open University Business School is the biggest European business school with the highest authority in the world.

International Institute of Management LINK

International Institute of Management LINK

LINK – Learning International Network is an organization of a network type which provides the business-education on the international level. Nowadays LINK is one of the biggest Business Schools in Russia. It teaches 9000 managers a year on the base of the Open University programme. Since LINK was founded it helped 55000 people to improve their qualifications.

Federal Committee in the field of Managerial Training

The Presidential Programme of preparing young specialists of the Russian Enetrprises was founded in 1997. The strategic aim of the Presidential Programme is to bring the quality of management in the national enterprises up to the international level. There are 5000 mangers on the Presidential Programme who annually receive a 500-600 hour training in the leading Russian educational institutions. These are usually the following specialities: “Management”, “Marketing”, ”Finance and Credit”.

Consulting Agency TPSI

Consulting Agency TPSI is a team of highly qualified specialists who provide consulting work to the organizations that want to achieve success in business. The President of the following companies TPS International Inc. (USA), TPS Consulting Netherlands (Netherlands) и TPS Performance Canada Ltd (Canada) (www.Total-Performance-Scorecard.com) is the worldwide recognized consultant in the field of management, total quality management and organizational behaviour.

Magnitogorsk High School of Business

Magnitogorsk High School of Business 

Magnitogorsk High School of Business offers business-education for managers and proprietors of the enterprises, specialists and the personnel of the companies, graduates and students of the educational institutions. It has different programmes of higher education, professional managerial training and some others.

The Institute of Professional Financial Managers

It is an international organization which unites professional financiers. Its slogan is “Prosperity through perfection”. The headquarters of the Institute are in London, Great Britain.

The group of Companies “Mordern Management Technology”

The group of Companies “Mordern Management Technology” specializes on the realization of the complex projects that are connected with making the effective systems of business management. The company has worked out and successfully developed the system of business modeling Business Studio, which helps to implement such modern methods of management as BSC, processing management, System Quality Management. It allows to make the value analysis of work and a lot of other things.

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